Spinal Kinetics M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement Study

Disc Replacement Specialist Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang, with his team, presented a report on Outcomes for the Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease in the Lumbar Spine Using Spinal Kinetics M6 Lumbar disc replacement implant at this year’s International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery, 15th Annual Conference.

This is the first clinical study to report on two year clinical and x-ray results of Artificial Disc Replacement surgery with the Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement implant. The results showed significantly decreased back pain, initial device safety and effectiveness when used for the treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease at one or more lumbar spine levels

Artificial Disc Replacement technology has come a long way and thousands of spinal fusions are now being avoided. Improved artificial disc replacement implants now provide a natural “Quality of Motion” unlike the early ball-in-socket disc replacement designs.

Introducing The Spinal Kinetics M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement and Cervical Disc Replacement.

Just go to http://www.artificialdiscreplacement.com/m6-disc-replacement-study.html to read the full study results.

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