Book on Disc Replacement and Spinal Fusion Amazon #1 Bestseller

Book on Artificial Disc Replacement and Spinal Fusion Alternatives Becomes Amazon #1 International Bestseller on Day of Launch

World-Renowned Spine Experts Teach Patients How to Get Fixed, Not Fused.

Berlin, Germany — (ReleaseWire) — 03/13/2017 –ENANDE GmbH announced today that the Kindle version of the book, To Fuse or Not to Fuse: How Artificial Disc Replacement, Hybrid Fusion, and Fusion Alternatives are Changing the World of Spinal Fusion became an Amazon #1 Bestseller on March 9th 2017, having reached #1 in four categories in the United States, three categories in Canada, and three categories in Germany. The book later became featured as the #1 bestseller in Australia too, in the categories of orthopedic surgery and others. Amazon also featured the book as the #1 Hot New Release in multiple categories. The book is available now on Amazon.

The authors, surgeons Karsten Ritter-Lang M.D., and Jan Spiller, M.D., released this, their seminal work on Artificial Disc Replacement and other alternatives to spinal fusion, with the hope of educating the world about the benefits of Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR), also known at Total Disc Replacement (TDR). This one-of-a-kind book promises to help people with chronic back and neck pain, showing how they can find a permanent solution and avoid the complications associated with fusion of the neck and back.

Artificial Disc Replacement involves complete removal of one or more damaged or degenerated discs, followed by replacement with a unique prosthesis, restoring proper disc height and normal motion. Ritter-Lang shares the successes they have experienced with ADR and other fusion alternatives and contrasts these with the prevalence of so-called Adjacent Segment Syndrome or Disease.

“While spinal fusion has its place,” says Karsten Ritter-Lang, M.D., “the statistics show a very high rate of failures at adjacent levels following fusion. With disc replacement, we can help people get back to their normal lives, often completely free of pain. And we can do this at multiple levels, lumbar and cervical, without increased complication rates.”

To Fuse or Not to Fuse exposes the worldwide epidemic of spinal fusion and offers alternative treatments and surgeries that are designed to restore patients to natural levels of mobility while avoiding follow-on surgeries and complications. It also catalogues many of the different prostheses available to patients and surgeons.

Drs. Ritter-Lang and Jan Spiller perform disc replacement surgeries hundreds of times a year from orthopedic hospitals in Germany. Patients travel from around the world to take advantage of their expertise and experience. In addition, spine surgeons from across the globe come to learn their surgical and rehabilitative techniques.

To Fuse or Not to Fuse? This is the question! Spinal Fusion, Disc Replacement or another option?

We can help you understand your options, from spinal fusion alternatives to disc replacement options?

Disc Replacement Book

Disc Replacement Book

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What this book will teach you

Spinal fusion surgeries are on the rise.

In fact, spinal fusions are now the most common spinal surgery by far!

What once was a surgery of last resort is now performed over 400,000 times a year in the U.S. alone!

You will discover…

How Post Fusion Surgery Adjacent Segment Degeneration causes many fusion recipients to require more and more fusion surgery!

How Artificial Disc Replacement and hybrid interventions are helping patients get their lives back!
How patients are trading multi-level fusion for multi-level disc replacement surgery!

Why skiing, surfing, golf, horseback riding and even Ironman Traithlons are no longer a thing of the past for those who have suffered severe back pain!
And much, much more!

It’s time to get your back BACK!

About The Author

Karsten Ritter-Lang, M.D., is a world-renowned leader in reconstructive spine surgery.

Dr. Ritter-Lang worked and taught at the Charite University Hospital, widely recognized as the birthplace of the first effective artificial disc replacement.

Dr. Ritter-Lang has been a specialist in the field of intervertebral disc prosthetics for over 20 years. He has performed approximately 7,000 surgeries, over 4,000 of which have involved artificial disc replacement. He has also performed several thousand spinal fusion surgeries and hundreds of hybrid interventions in his ongoing career.

His participation in the ongoing development of intervertebral disc replacement technology, prototypes, and implants makes him a valuable resource for other spine surgeons, who travel from around the world to observe and model his surgical techniques.

Why Disc Replacement?

In the last decades medical technology has moved forward at a faster than ever pace. Yet many spine surgeons remain stuck in the past, limited by regulation they are still using fusion surgery or outdated disc replacement technology. Are you asking Disc Replacement versus Fusion Surgery?

Due to FDA restrictions, limitations of the approved products, and the inexperience of many surgeons, many patients will be exposed to unnecessary risk, get debilitating fusion surgery, or continue to suffer needlessly. Most, never knowing there are better options available, technology that can preserve the natural motion of the spine, and surgeons with the experience required to help them.

Why Disc Replacement versus fusion surgery?

There are several concerns with spinal fusion surgery. Overall success rates are very low and the recovery is long and painful. Even after a “successful” spinal fusion, problems begin to develop soon after the fusion surgery. The segments next to the Fusion Surgery have more forces applied causing “adjacent level degeneration” which studies have shown will lead to additional pain and surgeries.

In this new book Spine Surgeon Dr. Ritte-Lang explains how Artificial Disc Replacement, Hybrid surgeries that may include multiple types of intervention, and Fusion Surgery Alternatives are changing the way we think about the “Gold Standard” Spinal Fusion Surgery.

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